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Zico Arc is a USB chargeable windproof lighter. It does not need to use any oil or butane. The whole set include the lighter, a USB connect cable and a gift box. Nice and fashion design.

This is an electric lighter by Zico, it has a windproof flame which is all electric, simply open the lid and shake the lighter to turn on. It is rechargeable and comes with a USB cable, a cleaning brush and a gift box. Assorted Colors. Open the lighter's cover 2. Shake the lighter to ignite cigarette 3. Close the cover to turn arc off. Rechargeable 1- If the arc has reduced in size, or cigarette no longer lights, please recharge as soon as possible.

Plug small end into lighter, larger end into computer or 5V USB interface. By Arnold. By casey.

Zico Torch Lighters

By Curtis. By Michael J.

zico lighter

By Orlando. Please confirm that you are over 21 years of age some states Thank you. Before you start your purchase we recommend to read all the customized options for your purchase. Skype: smokewrap Facebook: smokewrap. Skip to Content. Welcome to SmokeWrap. Compare Products. Skip to the end of the images gallery.

Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Move your mouse over image or click to enlarge.Color Oil Burner Pipe Attachment14mm joints size unit each1. This item is intended for tobacco use o. Made of metal, High quality, very attractive lighter. Famous lighter design in SpainThe ligh. Overall Lenght 6. What is China Jun Ware? This Multifunction Come with soft mouthpiece and two bowl adapters. Fragrance Dan hit the nail on the head. Just got them. Packaging is great.

Have not used yet but pyrex is definitely what it is. No question on quality and durability. Perfectly blown oil burner. No need to search anywhere else. Return customer definitely. I bought these based on the terrific review of Dan with one of the best detailed review of any I've looked at.

No bs here just quality I don't think you will find anywhere else. Awesome shop, great selection of glass pipe and lighters. Friendly staff and the shop is well maintained reasonably price in everything. I would definitely be keep coming back.

We still taking orders, as long as USPS opens. Website upgrading 10thth. Age Verification.If you are having problems with your lighter, if may be due to one of several reasons we list below. Please read carefully. We find that most problems with lighters are due to incorrect bleeding and can be fixed easily.

If the lighter is leaking butane or the ignition will not spark, contact us to return. Bleed your lighter when flame begins to drop and the fuel tank is nearly empty or flame is inconsistent. To bleed, hold the lighter in a vertical, upright position. Depress the filler valve with a small screwdriver, until all fuel is expelled and the hissing stops. Shake lighter, then repeat to ensure it is completely bled. Do not put lighter close to ear when checking glass flow rate, to avoid accidental burn.

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Premium butane is required to ensure optimum performance of your lighter. Lighters require the cleanest butane available at a pressure of 45 psi. Recommended premium butane brands Colibri, Nibo, Prometheus, any triple refined butane are packaged in oz.

zico lighter

Non-premium butane Clipper, Ronson, Sun and brands with plastic fill tip nozzles are not recommended as they may cause inconsistent ignition and performance. If you have used a non-premium butane to fill the lighter, bleed the tank and refill. Sometimes air will go into the tank and will make the lighter malfunction.

To avoid this, always fill with lighter in upside down position. Put nozzle tip directly on valve opening and press down firmly for seconds.

Butane spray back may occur with some lighters when tank is full. If the lighter is not equipped with a butane level window, use the following steps to ensure tank is full: a. Hold lighter in upside down position.

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Depress the filler valve with a small screwdriver. If liquid is expelled from the valve, stop immediately; the tank is filled to maximum capacity. Warm the lighter in your hand for at least 30 seconds. Wait an additional 2 minutes before attempting to ignite the lighter. This allows enough time for excess butane to dissipate and the gas in the lighter to reach room temperature.

zico lighter

On most lighters turn the adjusting screw on the bottom not the Phillips head screw that holds the case togetherby reducing the gas flow to almost nothing full clockwise and then opening counter clockwise the screw a little at a time until the flame upon ignition burns at a desired level. If the adjustment knob is black plastic and you have moved the valve as far as you can without reaching the level you wish, remove the valve and use a flathead screwdriver to make the adjustment.

The black adjustment knob will only move degrees, to obtain further adjustment requires the black knob to be removed and replaced once you attain the desired level with a flathead screwdriver.

If you are changing altitude remember the higher the altitude the less butane you require, if you are heading down toward sea level you will need more butane to function properly is a simply a matter maintaining proper air to fuel ratio. How to store a cigar?During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities.

We will get through this together. Updated: August 1, References. Sometimes a lighter can get stuck or broken. Generally it's a quick fix, but it's also very easy to buy a new one.

The first step is diagnosing what is wrong with your lighter, and then you can get to work fixing it. Don't get frustrated if it doesn't work immediately - check all potential problems before you give up. If your lighter has sentimental value you may be able to get it working again.

Before you refuel your lighter, purchase a butane can, which can usually be found at a local hardware store. To refuel, turn your lighter upside down and put pressure on the fill valve with the butane can nozzle.

Once the nozzle is inside, apply pressure until you feel the metal of the lighter get cold. Make sure to keep your lighter away from your face and anything flammable. If your lighter needs a new flint, twist the metal that surrounds the flame until it comes off and you can see a spring. Then, replace the flint attached to the spring and reassemble your lighter. For more advice, like how to replace the flint on a Zippo lighter, scroll down.

Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic LoadingSo In this I'll cover diagnosis, repair and also dismantling and assembly most lighters designs' are a common principle Ok so i got a slightly better camera than my phone, it's an ancient canon powershot A60, only 2MP but check out the macro in the pics, it was top of the range once upon a time and it shows.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Tools - a small philips head screwdriver the tiny ones it almost alway philips head. First put gas in the lighter, you should have done this already but this helps us determine alot. Fill it with gas and listen, it may leak for a up to 30 seconds but that's ok as long as it stops. Push down the button, is there gas coming out and is there a definite click from the spark if yes to both this will be easy If there's no gas coming out at the nozzle but it's going somewhere then the connection has been broken probably nothing more than the flexible gas line has slipped off the seat of the reservoir end there's more room here so it fall off that end but it's easy to fix anyway If you push the button all the way down and no click go to the shop and buy a really crappy cheap electric lighter, not a bic though, their piezios have no wire.

This always happens if you set the lighter when it's hot because it starts easier but wont once it's cooled down again. All of these things are curable, this lighter hasn't many original parts, at one point I was going to hotrod a second nozzle in but There's no room, eventually I'll make an instructable about how to make your own jet lighter. This step just tells you how to take it all apart. First look on the bottom, there should be a small mostly likely philips head screw not far from the filler valve, unscrew it, usually that is the only thing holding a lighter together, now pull the casing down off the rest hold on to the cap and carefully pull the casing off now you should see the guts of your lighter, there's probably 2 pins holding the assembly together.

Enter the safety pin, Use the pin or wire to push the pin out of its hole. Check the image, the parts should be recognizable, and the note will explain all This is easily the most common problem with jet lighters because they have metal bodies Basically the piezo is grounding out to the body or the chassis The first picture here shows the spark wire end pulled out and away a bit to so we get a clear idea of where we can put it.

Wrapping it around the nozzle is good if there are no close metal body parts but the best is definitely doing it like picture 2. You should have kept all the pins, but really you should hav just left it together had this been the case. Before putting the case on, see if the lighter fires up if so slide the case on again and see if it still goes, if yes screw it back on and go light something up with it In my case a Marlboro Red but in yours it may be a fuse Simply check where gas is going by pushing down on the lever for the gas valve on the reservoir, look carefully along the gas line, you should see something similar to 'heat wiggles' from the change in desity between gas and air if theres a leak, I you have a crappy BBQ lighter kicking around then cannibalize that for some gas line there's enough for five or six replacements and if you needed it they're a great source of igniters due to the extra long cable.

If the gas still isn't getting out the nozzle then the nozzle's clogged, symptoms include the lighter bursting into flame for a second during use. At this point I can't think of much else to go wrong, if the gas filler valve leaks when you fill it up then tighten it. If everything works but the lighter won't light or can't hold a flame turn down the gas flow a bit. If the flame sputters and has trouble keeping going then it's too weak to stay above the nozzle, turn the gas flow up a little.

Finally we put it back together. If there's any problem I have missed comment me and I'll add steps, to be honest I can't think of anything other than components going wrong after this.We don't make that promise lightly. We know that behind every Zippo Windproof Lighter sent for repair is an owner depending on our promise to get it back in working order.

Whether a Windproof Lighter is 5 years, 25 years, or 50 years old, it will serve as a dependable source of flame for years to come - we guarantee it! Please do not attempt to perform repairs yourself as it could damage the lighter beyond repair. The lighter finish is not covered under our guarantee. If you are unable to send the lighter insert with your lighter case, a lighter insert is not automatically installed. Please specify this on the repair form and a brand new inside unit will be installed.

We cannot track or prevent damage to multiple items sent for repair.

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You are important to us! That is why we have exclusive representatives in almost every country. Do not send your windproof lighter to the U.

Please go to your country's Zippo website or contact your nearest Zippo distributor. Need help? Click Here. Your cart is currently empty. Continue Shopping. Customize it! Inserts Refillable Butane Rechargeable Electric. Hand Warmers Rechargeable Refillable Gaming. Outdoor Fire Starters Grilling Lanterns.

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For more information, see our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.Celebrate Zippo's evolving look with this limited edition lighter.

Zico Double Torch Lighter with Light

These lighters are inspired by popular games. Shop the latest Zippo designs. By signing up for email you are certifying that you are at least 18 years old and a resident of the U. Your cart is currently empty.

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zico lighter

Customize it! Inserts Refillable Butane Rechargeable Electric.

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Hand Warmers Rechargeable Refillable Gaming. Outdoor Fire Starters Grilling Lanterns. Log in. About Us. Gift Cards. Help Sign In Cart 0.

Zico Torch Lighters

Customize It! Refillable Butane Rechargeable Electric. Rechargeable Refillable Gaming. Fire Starters Grilling Lanterns. Below is a slideshow that you can control using the next and previous buttons or using the play pause button.

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